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4 Tips For Safely Loading Your New Drag Car Into A Rented Enclosed Car Hauler

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If you have recently built a drag car, you may be eager to take it to the track to test it out. However, if your car is not street legal, you may have decided to rent a car hauler to transport it. If this is your first time loading a hauler, use the following four tips to ensure you do so safely.

Make Sure The Ramps Are Completely Secure

After you pull out the ramps from beneath the bed of the hauler, make sure they are completely out before you lower them to the ground. Then, make sure they are securely locked by lifting up gently. If the ramps are lopsided or move even when locked, push them back in to realign them, then try again.

If the ramps are not even and secure, they could bend or twist once the weight of your car is on them. This could make the car slide off the ramp, either damaging the vehicle or hauler or seriously hurting someone if they get in the way.

Have A Spotter Inside The Hauler 

Once you have the ramps secure and are ready to roll your car onto them, first have someone go inside the enclosed hauler to serve as a spotter. Since you cannot see the wheels yourself, the spotter serves as a guide to make sure the tires stay on the ramps.

This is especially useful if you have built a big tire drag car. Because the wheels are wider than standard tires, they will not naturally be centered on the ramps. As you go up the ramp, the sides that overhang will need to be even to keep the weight steady and keep the ramps from twisting. The spotter can ensure that you start out on the ramps evenly and let you know if you start to shift one way or another.

Drive Straight In Instead Of Backing In

Once you have a spotter in place, it is time to drive your car into the hauler trailer. While you may be tempted to back in so that you can easily exit the trailer, this may be a bad idea, especially if you are unaccustomed to driving a drag car into a trailer. If you back in, you could easily turn the wheels and fall off the ramps.

Even if you do make it up the ramps, you may shift once you reach the top, damaging either your rental trailer or the delicate fiberglass on the exterior of your race car. Instead of backing in, drive straight up the ramps and into the trailer. Since you do not have to deal as much with the trailer upon exiting, backing it out with the use of your spotter should be easier than backing it in.

Secure All Straps And Wheel Chucks

Once you have driven your drag car into the trailer, turn off the ignition, put the vehicle in park, and place a wheel chuck under the backside of each tire. These chucks will keep your vehicle from rolling. If you do not have ones that are specially designed, using a two-by-four a little wider than your tires will do in a pinch. 

After positioning your wheel chucks, look for any straps within your rental trailer. There most likely will be a diagram on the inside panel containing instructions on how to further secure your vehicle. If not, call the trailer rental company for further guidance.

Using the above tips can ensure your car stays safely inside the hauler while you are on the road to the track. However, if you have additional questions, ask the company from which you rented the car hauler, such as Route 12 Rental Co Inc., for further advice and tips on securely loading your drag car.