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Keep Your Brakes In Good Repair So You Stay Safe When Driving

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The brakes on your car gradually wear out over time because they get frequent use and the pads are made of material that wear down. It's important to have your brake pads checked regularly and to pay attention to signs your brakes are wearing down so you can have them repaired or replaced. When your brakes are in good working order, they respond predictably, and that can keep you from having an accident. Here are some things to know about getting your brakes repaired.

How Often Brakes Need To Be Replaced

A lot of factors have an effect on how soon you need to replace your brakes. It depends on the materials the brakes are made from as some brakes will last longer than others. The information manual for your car should give you a mileage estimate of when to have the brakes replaced. However, your brakes may wear out much faster than that. If you do a lot of congested city driving, you'll hit your brakes frequently and they'll wear out sooner than if you mostly drive on country roads or highways with few stoplights.

If you drive in the mountains frequently, your brakes will wear out quicker if you need to ride them to control your speed going down the incline. Also, your driving habits can make a difference. If you tend to make abrupt stops, you'll wear down the pads quicker than if you slow down or coast before you stop at a sign or light.

How To Tell It's Time To Have Your Brakes Serviced

As your brakes wear down, they develop a looser feel when you hit them. You may need to depress the pedal farther to the floor to get them to stop your car. When you notice the brakes feel differently, you should have a mechanic inspect them to make sure the brakes are safe. Other signs of bad brakes include grinding noises as the pads wear away and metal grinds on metal, vibrations when you hit the brakes, and your car pulling to one side.

What Types Of Repairs May Be Needed

A common type of brake repair is to replace the brake pads. Have your mechanic check the pads any time you have other work done on your car so they can be changed out at a convenient time and before they get too worn down. If you don't change them soon enough, other damage can be done to the brakes that requires more expensive repairs. Rotors, calipers, and hoses can go bad and need to be replaced or repaired too.

By having your car's brakes inspected regularly and letting your mechanic know when you suspect problems, you can stay ahead of dangerous brake trouble so you stay safe when you drive. For more information, contact local professionals or visit sites like