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How To Help Improve Your Vehicle's Driving Visibility

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Safe driving of your vehicle is an important responsibility, as you follow the road laws and keep your vehicle maintained to work properly. If you cannot see from your windshield due to a crack or non-working wipers, you are at risk of causing a crash, possibly involving other drivers or pedestrians. Here are two ways to help improve the visibility of your vehicle to help you stay safe while driving.

Fix a Chip in Your Windshield

A chip in your vehicle's front window can be a nuisance and get in the way of your viewing oncoming traffic. And if you let the chip remain in your windshield unrepaired, it can send out cracks into other areas of your windshield to become a larger problem and decrease the visibility from your windshield. Take your vehicle to a vehicle glass professional to seal the chip before it grows, or you can do the repair yourself.

You can find vehicle windshield repair kits at most auto repair stores so you can fix the chip at home to prevent it from spreading into a full windshield crack. Be sure you complete the repair before any cracks spread from the center of the chip.

You will need to clean out the center of the chip with a sharp object to remove any shards of glass. Most windshield repair kits come with a razor blade, which you can use for this, and clear instructions to complete the rest of the repair. The resin you will squeeze into the windshield chip is clear, and once you have applied it, let your vehicle sit in direct sunlight, as the sun's ultraviolet light will cure the resin.

Replace the Wipers

The blade on your windshield wipers can become dull over time and damaged from debris on your windshield. This causes them to not clean your windshield properly, which is important for being able to clearly view the road in front of you when you drive. Having dull wipers in rainy or snowy weather can be a hazard to your driving. When streaks appear over your windshield following the wiper or the blade squeaks when it wipes, it is time to replace the wiper blade.

It is recommended to replace your vehicle's wipers every six months as they become worn and no longer clear your windshield. Slide the old blade from the wiper arm and slip in the new blade in its place. If you are unsure how to replace them, most auto shops where you can purchase new wipers can replace them for you. Just as a sales associate for help.